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JICCA Dining Original

Organic Lemonade chili pasete


Ingredients:  lemonade, chili, sea salt


At our Farmer’s market store, the popular lemonade chilli paste is now available as an option for veggie box delivery from this week Tangy chilli spiciness followed by refreshing lemonade sourness. It goes well with meat, fish, and even pickles veggies


私達のファ−マ−ズマ−ケット店頭で、大人気のレモネード胡椒が今週からベジボックスデリバリーでもオプションでお選び頂けるようになりました ピリッとしたチリの辛さの後に爽やかなレモネードの酸味。 お肉、お魚、はたまたお漬物にも合います

Lemonade chilli paste 100g

SKU: 058
  • This product can be ordered as an optional extra when ordering a veg box.


  • Orders placed before 11:59am on Thursdays will be delivered on the Saturday and Sunday of that week.


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