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CHiLLi KOJI 250g

Add a little umami kick to your plate!
Made from fermenting natural sea salt , live koji cultures and organic chili, with a little kick, CHiLLi KOJI is rich in enzyme and will add a boost of umami and little zing to any dish. Great for marinades, sauces, stir fry dishes and more. *Can be frozen.


生きた麹菌と天然海塩を発酵させ、オーガニックのチリを加えたCHiLLi KOJI は、酵素が豊富で、旨辛パンチも効いています。 肉や魚介のマリネ、ソースやドレッシングのアクセントに、炒め物などにも最適です。*冷凍可

The number is limited. Please note that it may be sold out.



KOJI and Chilli may sink and separate. Please stir with a clean spoon when use

For more information about KOJI and delicious recipes using KOJI, please visit our website.


KOJI is unique in that they are freshly fermented resulting in a softer, more rounded and versatile flavour as well as maintaining the health benefits of probiotics.

*Can be frozen.



CHiLLi KOJI 250g

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  • This product can be ordered as an optional extra when ordering a veg box.


  • Orders placed before 11:59am on Thursdays will be delivered on the Saturday and Sunday of that week.