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How to ripen green bananas

Hello Organic Lovers‼️

A customer recently asked us about how to ripen green bananas, so we thought we'd share to you :-)

Bananas ripen when stored at room temperature in a paper bag together with apples, as ethylene gas is produced naturally.

Not only bananas, but kiwifruit and other fruits can also be ripened in Styrofoam with apples.

I'll share a story I heard when we first started selling organic bananas.

We spoke to a banana specialist on the Sydney market. He told us that Conventional bananas are shipped from QLD to Sydney in a fresh green state, and then placed in a huge gas room to turn them into yellow bananas.

What do you think of this approach? :-)

Next time you get some green bananas, try this method of putting them in the bag with an apple!






あなたなら、この方法どう思われますか? :-)


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